The finishing technique is a sawn mark,some of styles even mixed with scraped element.
Contoured distressed which accents the floor,brings out a new feel.
Prized by interior designers for its unique trend in design,Sawn Collection offers a vintage feel,easy maintenance.

Best Hardwood Floor Finish V2
Hardwood Floor Finishes V1
White Oak Flooring Oil Finish K056-8
White Oak Plank Flooring K056-7
White Oak Flooring Engineered K056-6
White Oak Flooring K056-5
White Oak Rustic Flooring K056-4
Engineered Oak Plank Flooring K056-3
Quarter Sawn White Oak Flooring K056-2
Wood Plank Flooring K056-1
Wide Plank Sawn Wood Flooring AM16
Wide Hardwood Flooring AM15
Wide Plank Engineered Oak Flooring 
Wide Engineered Flooring AM13
Wide Plank Flooring AM12
Wide Wood Flooring AM11
Wide Wood Plank Flooring AM10