We found a lot of inquiries from the web, people are confused what is a better finish, oil- based or water-based finish?

As a Chinese flooring supplier, let me share few personal points of view

1. Which is good for the environment?

From the beginning of 2013, the government recommended water-base finish in furniture industry. 2014,Jiangsu and Zhejiang province furniture factories were forced to use water-base coating( polyurethane), because of it is environment friendly, low VOC. Water-base finish getting more well-known to the manufacturers in wood flooring industry then.

water base coating engineered wood flooring

water base gives a cold feeling, it won't conflict with the stained color

2. Which looks better?

All depends on the finished colour range, water base coating is more suitable for ligher range colours, such as white washed, gray tone, reactive stain, makes surface as in a cold colour range condition. On the other hand, warm serie colours like browm or smoked floor, oiled finish is a better chose and they will never be out of fashion natural look of maple. Oil-based polyurethane will turn a light amber color with age whereas water-based stays clear. If you want to preserve the creamy-white look of maple, for instance, use waterborne polyurethane.

3. Which lasts longer?

Due to the low VOC, water base lasts shorter than oiled base finish, water-base polyurethane is very thin, 4-5 times coating’s effects is the same as 3 time oiled base polyurethane. As for durability, the oiled-based polyurethane is still the standard for performance.

Oil base coating engineered wood flooring

oil based coating will affect the stain the color, the color turns to amber tone

4. Which costs less?

Both water-base coating and maintenance material cost more than oiled based products

5. Which drys fast?

3 hours we can do 3 times water-based coating, while natural oiled finished products we need at least 24 hours for twice coating, to a manufacturer it is more efficient using water base coating.

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