VIF International (VIFloor) began business as a small agency in 2006.Through hard work and dedication, today we are among China's leading brokers and trading companies with a specialty for providing a variety of unique flooring products and services to the flooring industry.

  • 3 layer oak engineered floor
  • 3 layer natural floating engineered wood floor
  • European oak hand scraped engineered flooring
  • 3 layer engineered hand scraped wide plank floors

Who We Are?

A Gift Of Nature

Every single tree has its own texture and individual color blend.The unique,living quality of this natural resource deserves respect and is why VIF International (VIFloor) has chosen to live in this natural space from the past decade.

From the very beginning,we've chosen to learn from our own mistakes and take a keen interest in the mistakes of our competitors with the ultimate goal of learning what is best for our clients and the resources that we call upon.This method of learning and growth allows us to provide a product of the highest quality with unique characteristics that preserves the beauty and integrity of the resource.

Many of our customers are floor covering importers,distributors,wholesalers,contractors and designers who want excellent quality wood flooring services.We have a track record of success and have created great customer relationships through the years!

What started as a plain love and admiration for wood products in 2006 has grown into a passion for not just the wood,but also for the story and work behind the wood.This love and admiration have allowed us to supply super flooring pieces of flawless quality in many varieties with unmatched beauty and durability to the flooring industry.

As one of the largest and most reputable China-based brokering agency and trading companies of wood flooring services,VIF Flooring International (VIFloor) has eliminated unnecessary costs of procurement,manufacturing,quality control and distribution.Our volume and reputation allow us to pass these savings directly to our numerous customers worldwide. VIF Internatinal is truly committed to providing the best and finest quality services at an optimal value!
We provide the finest quality, natural flooring services in the region.  Look for our:

*Engineered wood flooring
*Hardwood flooring

As providers of various quality products,we give our customers the very best design,production,quality control,product inspection,testing and logistics all wrapped in a financing package to meet your needs.Don't let pricing speculation deter you from using a distributor;contact us to work our a custom financing plan that can meet your budget.

What We Do?

Our Products

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Vifloor, a conscience supplier, offer quality Oak Flooring, Engineered Wood Floor and Hardwood Flooring.
Our Products