How we ensure the accuracy of chevron herringbones?

Many customers come across problem when they source Chevron from China. The suppliers need to be chosen carefully.
Chevron products required a very high accuracy, there are mainly 4 factors affected the accuracy:

1. Machinery.  The factory needs to have a good molder that can cut two ends together. The cutting angles and sizes once set, it should be kept the same settings, not frequently changed the parameters for cutting other angles and sizes.
One of the best brands of the machine that most of Chinese manufacturers use to cut chevrons is Germany Homag T&G Line

2. On -line inspection: when we make chevron products, the online QC must check the angles at least every 30 minutes to see if the angles are perfect. Once any minor problem was found, the technicians can adjust the machine immediately. This is the key process for VIFLOOR ensure the accuracy.

3. Assemble inspection. Our QC will assemble the chevron products in two different ways to check the accuracy. The first one is assembling one side at least 2 meters long to see if the joints match well. Second is to assemble two sides together at least three pairs and each pair at least one meter long.

4.The tolerance of the T&G is also very important, in order to keep the chevron joint well and no height difference, most the of the manufacturers like to make the T&G too tight, that will give the installer big headache when installation, so the profile have to keep the right tolerance.

With above 4 mentioned methods, we can ensure the chevron herringbones a better accuracy. Welcome to send me emails and leave messages to me to discuss more about your idea about how to make a perfect chevron herringbones.