shrink face (rc) engineered wood floor

Shrink Face (RC)

Shrink Face (RC) the colors comes from the chemical reactive, from 3-6 times stain, the colors show natural from the inside of the wood.
The last coating we use water base,it is waterproof, it is pollution proof and it is very easy for maintenance.

shrink face(st) engineered wood floor

Shrink Face (ST)

Shrink Face (ST), we use traditional stain, but also stained by hand not machine to reach a fine finish result.

versailles parquet engineered wood floor

Versailles Parquet

Shrink Face (ST), we use traditional stain, but also stained by hand not machine to reach a fine finish result.

Architecture Design

Songlin floor R&D team used evolutionary chemical treatments for this year new set designs, which is the very popular and widely accepting within flooring industry today, also represents the future path of engineered flooring.

Wire Brush Engineered Wood Floor

Wire Brush

Wire brushing the flooring remove the soft spring wood,leaving the harder summer wood with some slightly sunken knots.
This gives the flooring texture,accentuates the grain and gives the floor an distinct look.
Perfect for period properties,or as a contrast to a modern interior well.

Handscraped Engineered Wood Floor


The Handscraped collection combines different types of handscraped styles.
These collection add timeless,elegance and natural beauty and a peace of authentic history to user's home.

Saw Mark Engineered Wood Floor

Saw Mark

The finishing technique is a sawn mark,some of styles even mixed with scraped element.
Contoured distressed which accents the floor,brings out a new feel.
Prized by interior designers for its unique trend in design,Sawn Collection offers a vintage feel,easy maintenance.

Aging Engineered Wood Floor


The aged floors from the aging series fit into any country environment.
The series centres on the use of pure materials and natural shades.These wooden floors are like wooden floors should be.
Aging floors call up emotions from an elegant past,calling a sense of welcome and authenticity.

Moderm Flax Engineered Wood Floor

Modern Flax

Modern Flax collection is a very new design,it is gives you a feeling of peaceful,earthy,calm.

Black and White Engineered Wood Floor

Black and White

Shades of grey and the contrast between dark and light form the basis of this new collection. Design and modern: no style could suit the floors in the Black and White collection more perfectly.Contrast in the interior provides space with a natural foundation.
Floors from the Black and White collection create an architectural atmosphere in living and working environments.

Butterfly Engineered Wood Floor


Butterfly is an extremely rustic board with knots and cracks which gives it a very old look.
It has 0 - 2 wooden butterflies randomly scattered on the board

Distressed Engineered Wood Floor


Distressed engineered flooring is a kind of antique style that gives the flooring a long history story.

Sliver and Golden Engineered Wood Floor

Silver and Golden

Silver & Gold is an exclusive collection of wooden floors with a dazzling finish, inspired by the splendour of precious metals. It is a collection with a certain elegance, a real glamour trend.
Unique in image and exclusive in design, a Silver & Gold floor will give your interior a sense of affluence and a great deal of character.

Invisible Lacquered Engineered Oak Flooring

Invisible Lacquered

Compare with natural oiled flooring , the invisible lacquer keep the wood raw feeling, the color are more close to raw wood color.
Besides natural color , we have got another 7 colors, 4 of them are brushed , another 4 of them are hand scrapped. all these base tone are from colors popular for years.

axe collection rustic engineered oak flooring

Axe Collection

As tracking back to ancient times, the Axe Collection was give unique surface effect by antique craft work of axe split,which has a feeling of vicissitudes.The modern craft work makes the clear grain. Uneven surface and antiqued in impression.The flooring was endowed with profound culture and spiritual connotation.

cappuccino collection rustic engineered oak flooring

Cappuccino Collection

Cappuccino is made by smoking the whole plank before pressing.Trough control on smoke concentration and time.The color of hard smoked surface appears just like block coffee,which looks solemn and restrained by match with natural wood grain.

driftwood collection rustic engineered oak flooring

Driftwood Collection

Driftwood collection is originated from ancient arts, combining the aesthetic sense of antique building to create “unique flooring”which well suit modern living style. The unique design crests the effect of the floor. Embodying long history, bold and generous feel without losing the exquisite.

grand canyon collection rustic engineered oak flooring

Grand Canyon Collection

Grand Canyon is the perfect combination of the natural cracking of wood manual repairing of putty. By using German manual technology to polish irregular sawn mark. The deep brushed makes sure the texture be rude and be different from traditional hand washed flooring.

iceland collection rustic engineered oak flooring

Iceland Collection

Iceland creates a new fashion of flooring. The surface effect like great mountains standing among the vast land.Just like you standing in the peak personality.It bring a beautiful scenery of nature to your household.

Da Capo collection engineered oak flooring

Da Capo Collection

Da Capo Collection has been deep smoked and achieved through a great amount of Manual work on each plank, including handscraped and natural oiling and hard wax oiling.

Smart Install Chevron collection engineered oak flooring

Smart Install Chevron Collection

The Smart install Chevron collection construction of “ready-made” patterned boards ensures easy and fast installation. The design with bevelled edges, combined with natural colour variations and the brushed surface, creates a striking look.

Selected Grade Oak Collection

The supply of Russian oak is decreasing every year, but there has been a steady demand for this raw material in certain regions and specific markets because of the beauty of its texture and clean surface. We supply Russian oak engineered flooring for long term.