Putty filling of engineered wood flooring --- unique filling method from North East China

North East part is the first area to make engineered oak flooring In whole China, main market was European countries, structure include 3 ply and multiply mostly in oak wood. The exporting of engineered wood flooring is over 60% of overall China wood flooring industry in 2021, Dalian is now the leading port of and major distribution city of imported European oak wood.

Development of engineered wood flooring in North East China is a reflection of European market trends history, from clean to rustic grade. This trend of the market is closely tied to European local material supply.

Due to recent years global economical slow down, rustic grade has become major product in the market, it takes great experience to make top quality rustic grading oak flooring, since the filling parts are several times more than high grading flooring. From the wood material used to filling tools and putty selection, all require great deal of working experience to master the whole processing skills, therefore even big knots and cracks can be filled perfectly.