Evaluation of formaldehyde emission from different types of wood-based panels and flooring materials using different standard test methods


In this study, different test methods were used, including European mini-test chamber (EN717-1) , gas analysis (EN717-2) , American mini-test chamber (astmd6007-02) and European mini-test chamber (EN120) FORMALDEHYDE emission (FE) and formaldehyde content (FC) of different types of wood-based panel, medium-high density fiberboard, plywood and flooring were measured The shape and thickness of PB had significant effect on FE (P0.0001) , but the moisture content of PB (P0.94) and PLW (P0.195)(mc%) had no significant effect on FE. When mc% decreases, the corrected FC value of EN120 decreases. When 200G / M2 oil-based coating was applied to MDF and HDF, the FORMALDEHYDE emission increased obviously Four methods (r 2 value between 0.88 ~ 0.94) showed a very significant positive correlation with PB-16MM formaldehyde value. In addition, the results showed surprisingly good correlation between EN120 and ASTM D6007-02, with a R2 value of 0.93. According to en717-1, the iron content of the floor is between 0.003 and 0.125 mg / M3, while the iron content of PVC floor only with UV curing layer is between 0.003 and 0.008 mg / M3. Most of the products investigated in this study had concentrations of Formaldehyde that were below the mandatory limits in the Czech Republic.