water base hermitage oak wood floorBefore Hermitage oak leave China, they are finished with 5 times water-based coating plus one time wax. it is important for buyers to know the maintenance way.

The reason we choose Water-base coating for Hermitage Oak is: it gives floor a clear looking, unliking Natural oiled or Lacquered that influences the finished colors to an amber tint.water base maintaince oil

The maintenance is very easy as following:

There are many brands water-base polyurethane maintenance products, at this stage we recommend one called Loba. Not advertising for them, simply because it is what our European Client normally using and can be easily found in your country.

Here is some Supplementary tips for the Hermitage Oak floor Maintenance (The general maintenance instruction please check our site www.vifloor2006.com)

1. First Maintenance should be carried out after installation or 3 months time after the top wax worn off.

2. The maintenance product used is V6 Finish.

3. One layercoating can do the job,only takes 2 hours to dry.

4. We recommend maintaining once a year.

5. For daily maintenance: Clean the floor with Care Cleaner and water mixed liquid in 1:100 ratio.

Any further question feel free to contact with me “lucytsu@vifloor.net”