1  3-Layer Full Oak Flooring

3 layer full oak flooring is the most stable construction in the engineered wood flooring catalogue, due to the wood stress is same between engineered layers. The oak moisture and glue between layers demand more rigorous technique than the common larch core. Very few stable suppliers of this type flooring,even fewer can do it consistently high level,we are one of them and have gained great reputation over past decade.

Considering stability of construction,this 300mm*3600mm plank top layer is made of 6mm sawn cut veneer, light color and its thickness enough for polishing many times. A slight polish surface allows wood to keep its natural look and provides all raised knots/cracks part. Only experienced craftsman can handle the fine and artistically repair filling. Shrunken face is one of character favored by modern flooring distributors and interior designer.

This size is 300*3600*20/6mm,besides following are other size:





We could provide them in customized color or treatment.Supplying commodity with high quality flooring is our big advantage of gaining fine responsibility in floor industry.

2  3-Layer Full Oak Flooring Assembly

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