Flooring Type 3 Layer Engineered Floor Texture Brushed
Collection Aging Series Finish Natural Oiled
Species Oak Gloss Matt
Product Code K090 Joint System T&G/ Click
Grade CD,DD Installation Floating/Glue down
Length(mm) 2200/1860 Lead Time 45 Days
Width(mm) 260/220/189 Certification CE,FSC,DIBT,CARB,ISO
Thickness(mm) 15/4, 14/3 Construction 3-Layer,Multi-Layer
1860x189x15/4mm 8pieces/pack 2200x260x15/4mm 6pieces/pack
40pack/pallet 33pack/pallet
12pallets/20ft 10pallets/20ft
2200x220x15/4mm 6pieces/pack 1860x189x20/6mm 4pieces/pack
44pack/palle 55pack/pallet
10pallets/20ft 10pallets/20ft

1  3 Layer Saw cut veneer Engineered flooring

15/4*189*1860mm 3 Layer Saw cut veneer Engineered flooring, This 4mm sawn cut top layer is more strength and stability than cheaper sliced versions. A thicker veneer will also allow you to sand and varnish the floor more often, bringing new life, new colour, and removing scratches.

Beautiful variation in texture and colour is one of the greatest benefits of a wooden floor. Each and every grain contributes to a lasting finish that is sure to transform your home.

2  3 Layer Saw Cut Veneer Engineered Flooring Assembly

3  3 Layer Saw Cut Veneer Engineered Flooring Packaging Loading Photos

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