1  Engineered Oak Invisible Lacquered Flooring

Invisible lacquer has been popular for the past several years in the market, unlike tradition UV lacquer that turn flooring surface to yellow, invisible lacquer maintains the wood natural whitish look and feelings therefore also called unfinished condition coating. The production technique is very tricky that requires special treatments since veneer processing, many factories cannot achieve the outcome so put cheap white colour stain as correction

Our engineered oak K857 colour invisible lacquer is the most sold product in 2021. No white satin was ever used during any stage of production, yet we are still able to keep the most wood unfinished condition surface, plus strong durable protection to hold against water/sauce/wine/oil. Hot pressed engineered three-ply that suitable for environmental changes and underfloor heating system. A licensed drop lock system is available.

2  Engineered Oak Invisible Lacquered Flooring Assembly

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