1  herringbones engineered oak flooring

Herringbone is always popular design pattern in all markets. We have been doing this in slice cut veneer for over 6 years with great feedback, slice cut veneer has relatively lower cost, faster production lead time, flexible in structure and big colours selection, although wood appears darker when compare to sawn cut veneer but a good colour range can perfectly solve the limitation

We provide 14/3 and 12/3 two thickness. Common size is 600*120mm and 888*148mm. Natural ABCD grade but we select cleaner grade material into light colours and lower grading to dark ones, which put all veneers into very good use, therefore keep price at competitive level all the time. The colour range comes with natural, invisible coating, grey stain, white and brown, all the colours are common but big quantity sales in all markets. Contact more for details

2  Herringbones Engineered Oak Flooring Assembly

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