1   Hermitage Oak Flooring Story

Our oak trees cannot speak, but they tell of their lives by displaying characteristics- and it is our responsibility to allow the story be told:

Shining raised wood knots that can only come from years of growing and accentuation by truly gifted craftsmen.

Natural cracks- Hermitage Oak flooring retains the natural variation of the timber- our wood craftsmen handwork the wood to ensure all natural traits are retained and enhanced. Our fillers complement the beauty of the wood.

Vintage Colour- Hermitage Oak colours run deep, through the veins and develop more richness as time passes. Hermitage Oak is NOT stained. We enhance the natural potential using our reactive treatment, which immerses through the oak and responds to the amount of tannin uniquely in every single board, even within the same board, literally bringing out the natural, beautiful potential of the flooring.

2    Material We Use

The timber we use are French Oak, in order to reach good effect and reduce color variation,all the material are coming from the same area.

In order to reach a good and natural antique looking, we process the veneer with our traditional way to keep the raising knots. We call that Shrink Face veneer.

The plywood we use poplar and birch mixed plywood, that is the best base plywood in engineered flooring industry. Which comply with FSC, Carb2 certificate.

Reclaimed, we use a lot of our local material Chinese ELM, besides the Natural oil or water base we use, we also use SHELLAC, professionals must know that, that is natural product from the worm, no smell, no pollution. Due to its hard painting process, we consider we are the only one in China use this coating now.

HMT 017 is our Hermitage oak one of the most popular color.

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4 Our Product Certifications