1  Selected Herringbone Engineered Flooring

VIFLOOR selected herringbone engineered flooring have clean grade with very few knots and slightly variation, and the coating is invisible lacquer with hard wax oiled for luxury and high class looking. meanwhile, it is easy to maintain.

We offer 2 sizes in this collection: 90 and 120mm wide, 15/4mm(3mm) thickness with plywood base construction.The structure is stable and can be used for any flooring base including floor heating system, the length 660mm which is profiled with a tongue and groove mounting system, making it very easy to install.

Main Advantage:

Engineered 15/4mm wood flooring with sawn cut veneer. The engineered structure is more stable than solid wood which means it is less likely to gap, warp or cup. Selected grade allows very few small size knots, slightly color variation, it matched high end market very well. The hard wax oiled finish combines the durability and low maintenance properties of a lacquered floor with the traditional look. Reasonable price and stable supply make VIFLOOR wholesale, distributor and projector's best choice.

2  Selected Herringbone Engineered Flooring Assembly

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