About End Grain
End Grain flooring has been specified for corporate offices, museums, retail stores, libraries, student unions, music centers, and residencies. It is widely used by designers and constructors. The butcher block durability of the end grain along with the deeply penetrating low maintenance oil finish has proven long term performance with an economical cost.  Jobs dating back to the 1930’s are still performing. Once installed, the end grain has a non-repeating appearance and is acoustically absorbent. 

About Customization
VIFLOOR supply solid end grain mosaic for customized requirements. Our normal size is from 2” to 8” and the thickness ½” to 1-½”. The species in clude Oak, Black Walbut, Douglas Fir, Robinia and so on.
Meanwhile, as we have long term business with several end grain buyer, the continuous order ensure us to select high grade material for support our customer to choose clean surface for this item.
Wall panel design also available, welcome to contact us for details.

About Installation
There are several ways to install the solid end grain mosaic,
1, We use the steel wire to joint several blocks in a row, installer can glue down the whole row at one time.

2, Produce 4 sides grooves to the block, and use small stick as tongue, that suitable for large size blocks.

3, Adhere plastic net to the back side of the blocks, make several blocks as a group, then glue down as normal mosaic.

About Glue Down
First, we suggest the projector to install epoxy self-levelling flooring on the cement,
especially on first floor which is more wet than other floors. and then clean out all the dirt.

Next, using structural silicon sealants to glue down the block, we strongly recommend the Germany brand SIKA,
Use sawtooth scraper to make even the sealants as 1mm thickness, and then works as normal flooring installation of glue down.

Packing and Delivery