1   Why Choose Our VFJ Solid Oak Flooring

1. The price is better than the ordinary 5 "solid oak floor. In the long run, due to the reasons of raw materials, the price of solid oak floor will continue to rise, and the price of this product is relatively stable.

2. We have been selling this product for more than 3 years, and we have received good feedback from stores and end users. Because it is an engineering designed structure, it is more stable than solid, and it is easy to bond, and there is no after-sales problem.

3. The appearance is the same as solid, but the size is larger. The general size is 18 / 3 * 125 * 400-1500mm, one piece of 1200-1500mm plate per package, and even 1800mm plate can be provided.

4. It can produce any color like engineering flooring, so it can be suitable for different markets from low-end to high-end. We can copy your design

2   VFJ Solid Oak Flooring Structure

3   VFJ Solid Oak Flooring Assembly

4   VFJ Solid Oak Flooring Packaging Loading Photos


5   Our Product Certifications