1   Why Choose Our VFJ Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring

The two-layer solid oak floor is to save raw material costs and make better use of wood. In the past five years, we have received very good market feedback. As the basis of its finger-joined structure, wood moves less under different humidity and temperature, which means the structure is very stable. Compared with solid wood flooring, the installation can be fixed with glue-like engineered flooring, or fixed with nails like solid wood flooring. From the appearance, it is really strong and there is not much difference. For floor shops, this will be a good choice. Cheaper and less after-sales service. Good choice for dealers.

2   VFJ Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring Structure

3   VFJ Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring Assembly

4   VFJ Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring Packaging Loading Photos


5   Our Product Certifications