How to choose a wooden flooring supplier?

Wood flooring(Engineered flooring and Solid Hardwood flooring)sourcing is different from plastic flooring, the quality depends on many factors such as source of raw materials, wood grades and processing methods . It is not easy to find a manufacturer who is willing to cooperate in all aspects. If the cooperation is not reliable in the beginning, great trouble comes after. For example, batch color difference, the customer first bulk samples have been distributed to the retail stores, follow-up bulk color inconsistency will be a disaster. Choosing a suitable wood floor supplier at this time is particularly important.

Wooden Floor Factory’s foreign trade team and their service awareness are limited, large factories focus on their core customers, lack of attention and service to small / medium-sized customers deserve. Small and medium-sized factories do not have foreign trade teams or the team is running in a very unprofessional way. This put importers and wholesalers customers who are looking for long term relationship in a very difficult position.

On the other hand, trading companies have wider view of the industry, cares more about own reputation. They spend more effort on customer sourcing solutions, quality control and New Product Development. Of course, some buyers think the trading company taking away their profits, but when quality issue happens, as well as a series of problems in market development, clearly it seems very necessary to have a third party to strengthen the purchasing chain management and reducing after-sales risks allow you to expand the market better.

Wood flooring competition in the European and American is very intense, importers and wholesaler customers are under big pressure. Price is one of the key concerns, therefore many factories attract clients by offering low price, however in time the prices will reveal quality, the floor price cost in the market is very transparent, and many times it makes us wonder how someone can sell below cost. But we cannot simply say that cheap price is a problem, so many relationships break not because of the products quality, but the concept differences of doing business between suppliers and buyers. If a company can escort Your Business Development in China, be able to provide more relevant industry information, may be all parties in the business are benefited.

VIFLOOR is a company engaged in the wooden flooring industry for 15 years, we provide support manufacturers and buyers, explore the real needs of customers, to provide customers with the most reasonable sourcing solutions, full inspection quality Survey, always creative to customers with worldwide popular new products / colors, your distribution of wood flooring will be maintained well on both the quality and technology.