How To Choose Solid End Grain Block Flooring

End Grain flooring has been specified for corporate offices, museums, retail stores, libraries, student unions, music centers, and residencies. It is widely used by designers and constructors. As a traditional wooden floor design, End Grain flooring not only has a unique pattern and appearance, it also has a good noise reduction function, its continuous inconsistent surface can be very good noise absorption,also its blocky design avoids acoustic resonance.


As one kind of solid wooden flooring, End Grain has all the characteristics of solid wood products, it has good durability and can be re-sanding and re-coating to have a totally new appearence. We supplies the species such like white oak, red oak, black walnut, locust tree, etc.  size can be customized according to customer needs. Our precision of size could be within difference of 0.1mm which is better than normal Homag machinery performance of 0.15-0.2mm.

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Nowadays, purchasers can get all kinds of solid and engineered design of end grain in the market. Since the design of End Grain wall panel growing popular, more and more engineered design generated. However, engineered design simply not meet the original intention of sound absorption and reduction. On the other hand, unlike ordinary solid wood flooring, the surface of end grain flooring is cut from the cross-section, which is the water absorption and expansion side of hardwood. So end grain block requires very strict moisture control technology. How to cut off the water absorption is the key factor of this product. But at present, most manufacturesdo not have mature technology to solve this problem,their products seems ok, but after 2 or 3 years aftersales, these end grain blocks fails to keep the balance, dramatically cupping and bending occurs. Therefore, constructors and suppliers will have to face serious complaints and compensation problems. So we suggest buyers to choose cautiously. Welcome to contact us for more information and enquiry.

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