UV Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring Maintenance

UV oiled finish wood  flooring get more and more popular, to reach an oiled product effect and easier maintenance, UV oiled regard as the best choice at this stage, maintenance is very import. You are welcome to have your point of view of this maintenance way. In order to keep your wood flooring protected and looking

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“What is your view on veneer flooring?”-An USA Client Asked

“What are your view on veneer flooring? Is there a big no-no for those or do you have a big request for those? I guess with lower prices vs engineer flooring and the great potential of alternative unique wood spices gives a request. Or what do you think?” This is asked by one

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Reactive Stain Oak Flooring FAQ

Currently, our most sought after color and design is Reactive Stain oak flooring. You will see Reactive Stain flooring at any major tradeshow from many flooring manufacturers. The flooring really catches your eye. You can hear people saying, “Wow, that’s so beautiful, so amazing.” Reactive Stain oak floor promotes the antique look of the wood.

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