2020 Engineered Flooring Trends

2020 Engineered Flooring Trends - Economic 10mm                                           -Classic 14mm LIVE TIME Beijing Time:October 30th 17:00--19:00 LIVE LINK PC URL: https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=c383c2a7-3430-43f0-993d-d2f7dc6621c7&referrer=sellerConsuleShare Download Alibaba APP Scan QR Code Focusing on us,

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Economic Engineered Flooring Collection Live

Economic Engineered Flooring Collection Live LIVE TIME Beijing Time:October 23th 05:00--07:00 LIVE LINK PC URL: https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?spm=a27aq.20487724.7961154650.64.33d836457nSiio&topic=1b4ce079-5686-4081-a5c6-45c0ebfaab99&referrer=mainVenue Download Alibaba APP Scan QR Code Preferential term for new customers: 1. Free samples delivery 2. First orders shipping cost 50% cover 3. VIFLOOR offer 500M2 free promotion samples. Terms and conditions: this applies

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New Lacquering Line And Put Into Use Of Production

New Lacquering Line And Put Into Use Of Production Jinqiao Songlin branch recently assembled a new lacquering line and put into use of production, include sanding machine, lacquer coating machine, brushing machine, UV drier and conveyor. The old lacquering line of Songlin branch was small size 600mm width which was installed in 2015.

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