ABCD Grade Multilayer Versailles 18/4x800x800mm

18/4*800*800mm ABCD grade multilayer Versailles after installed. My client is very happy with the color and the effects. If you are also looking for a Versailles product for the project, please feel free to contact us at any time. contact us request for samples

ABCD Grade Multilayer Versailles 18/4x800x800mm2021-08-16T05:59:16+00:00

10/3*150*1200mm Multilayer Engineered Floor

This Collection product is made with 3mm slicing cut veneer E0 standard poplar plywood, brushed texture, Matt UV lacquered, the waterproof ability of more than 4 hours. Suitable for float installation and glue down. There are 3 colors in these collections now and more designs coming soon. LEARN MORE

10/3*150*1200mm Multilayer Engineered Floor2021-08-13T09:23:40+00:00

Invisible Lacquered Planks With WhiteOil Effects

Economic collection products light color options. Invisible lacquered planks with white oil effects. This is a hot sales product for the Uk market for the past three years. Different from normal invisible lacquered planks, this product has better effects and higher grade looks. the most important thing,  under high production pressure this year,

Invisible Lacquered Planks With WhiteOil Effects2021-08-13T08:43:11+00:00
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