We are not inspection company, we are flooring supplier only inspect flooring. we are professional!

At the VIFLOOR, we hold our manufacturers and suppliers to a higher level of expectation.

All VIFLOOR manufacturers are firstly qualified by our Supply Team , secondly they are inspected & assessed by our Quality Control Team and thirdly they are verified only by a Senior QC Manager. A factory audit will then be made available to our customers upon request.

All Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of VIFLOOR have routine inspections to ensure they are in compliance with the standards set in place during the original Supplier Assessment Inspection.

Production Inspection Services:

An Inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications.

When 80% of your order is complete, an inspector visits the factory and uses industry standard processes to comprehensively review and test your product, ensuring it meets agreed upon specifications.

Why You Need a Pre-Shipment Inspection: Don't take any risks with your order. Ensure the product you pay for meets your specifications before you settle final payment.

Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports on quality and production status.

For challenging or sensitive orders, have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems in real-time.

Why You Need Production Monitoring: Production Monitoring puts an inspector onsite during the production cycle, representing your interests, to ensure production, materials, quality, schedules are at the level you and your manufacturer initially agreed upon.

Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity.

A During Production Check (DUPRO) will identify any issues early in the manufacturing cycle, giving you the time needed to react and fix them.

Why You Need a DUPRO: When around 20% of production is complete, take a deep dive into your production, processes, capacity, and goods and then make critical decisions at an early stage, and avoid potentially catastrophic surprises later in the production cycle.

Inspection of machinery and materials to be used for your order prior to production.

An Initial Production Inspection will ensure your specifications are understood by the factory and to prevent any potential flaws in the production resources, materials, schedules, management and more.

Why You Need an Initial Production Check: Avoid quality-related surprises during or after production. At the time of the IPC, consider Lab Testing services for quality assurance on materials.

Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment.

Container Load Check is the final step in the manufacturing process. Ensure the final details of your product are correct and actual ordered quantity are securely loaded onto your container before signing off and settling final payment.

Why You Need a Container Load Checking: Put an inspector onsite at the time of loading, to guarantee the product paid for is securely loaded.

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