Suggestions 2021 Wood Flooring Sourcing Tips From China

This morning we received a request from an old European customer for 14/3x190x1900 EF grade 10 containers at price $ 17/m2. We are not surprised to receive such inquiries in 2020 because the price range 15-19 USD/m2 products are the most attractive to major European inquiries.

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Affected by the epidemic, shipping costs have increased significantly, the U.S. dollar has continued to depreciate against the RMB exchange rate, and China’s imports of logs have also been delayed alot. New logs for 2020 only arrives in Dalian in January 2021, so in 2021, wood flooring sourcing business for the world has to face another big challenge.

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Based on nearly 18 years of experience in the wood flooring industry, we would like to share some suggestions for wood flooring procurement in 2021

-For the European market demands are concentrated on the low-end economic series products, the FOB price needs to be lower than 20US dollars
-Mid/ high-end flooring in the European markets with hand crafts and special crafts will be main procurement targets, as China has less and less advantages for flat/wire brush products than Eastern European countries

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VIFOOR also has relevant recommendations for the US market. Please follow FineFloor (lucy’s Linkedin). All information under the account is about the US market.

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