True Balanced Engineered Wood Flooring

There are many types of wooden flooring can be found in the market. 3 layer engineered wood flooring is one of the most common one, and we are going to introduce the highest level of 3 layer structure — True balance engineered wood flooring.

What is true balance engineered wood flooring?
True balance engineered hardwood flooring are comprised of 3 layers of hardwood. The top layer and the back layer are balanced with the same thickness and are bonded together to the core to provide exceptional stability and durability. The unique surface treatment combine with extraordinary quality give you enigmatic and patrician feeling for high level market.

Vifloor has worked with this product for 4 years already, we accumulate good experience in making this products.

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Finishes / Colours
We can offer both Unfinished and pre finished products. Also we are open to make your desired finishes. We work with good finishes brand like Osmo, Klummp, Loba, PPG….., Tell me your idea, we will offer you a significant collection.



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The Key size we can offer:

1900*190*15/4mm and 20/6mm
2200*220*15/4mm and 20/6mm

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