“What are your view on veneer flooring? Is there a big no-no for those or do you have a big request for those?
I guess with lower prices vs engineer flooring and the great potential of alternative unique wood spices gives a request. Or what do you think?”

This is asked by one of our Amercia Client.Then VIFLOOR president Lucy answered as follows:

Thanks for your trust asking these questions.
Let me give some personal points of view.

Veneer flooring has big market now because it's good price, FOB 13-20usd/m2. The market need products due to price reason.There is always demand of such lower cost product.

In China, veneer flooring almost lose its advantages for US market because ADD tax. 14.7% rate already killed a lot of Chinese manufacturers. They have moved to Cambodia, Vietnam.. For veneer flooring Vietnam will be a substitute manufacture center in the near future.

Wood engineered flooring on the other hand,especially medium to high level flooring, will always be profitable products. The market need it. For its unique, natural, texture...... Will never be replaced, 10% demands in the market would generate big profit.

We show the public high level products( for example on Linkedin), as the quality is our attitude. but we also work with standard products off line. Laminate flooring is out of our products line 3 years ago, veneer flooring is the end of way in China. we believe the future is all about engineered LVT, as it is big potential in the market. It has good story to tell the public,for instance, it is environmental friendly, it is water proof, it more suitable for floor hearing….… The market will accept it very fast. This is what we will invest big effort on it next year.

Please advise