Wood Flooring Supplier

When you choose a wood flooring supplier overseas, the quality must be the very important factor you need to consider.

VIFLOOR with 18 years of wood flooring experience sells wood flooring standing on good, consistent quality.

A good, consistent quality is the key to ensuring your customers' satisfaction. VIFLOOR has 18 years of Wood Flooring Supplier experience and is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality products at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of wood floors including hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring and parquet flooring that can be customized according to your preference.


In addition, the durability and beauty of the wood floors are enhanced by the perfect finish on every plank - another reason why you should choose VIFLOOR as your next supplier for all types of wooden floors.

Wood Flooring Supplier

Have you ever been caught in an unstable supply problem, it will affect your sales a lot. VIFLOOR got enough experience to control the supply stability, call us to find out how we do that.

VIFLOOR is a professional Wood Flooring Supplier which focuses on medium to high-end wood flooring. Our company has a good reputation in the industry and owns our brand name: VIFLOOR. As an OEM product supplier, our products have won customers’ trust through their quality and price.

As an OEM product supplier, VIFLOOR has enough solutions for your request. We will make sure your products and your price are the best among your competitors.

VIFLOOR can supply you with high-quality wood flooring in bulk quantity without any MOQ (minimum order quantity) or brand limitation. If you are looking for a reliable wood flooring supplier that can help to reduce the cost of production and build long-term relationships, please contact us!

You will find the latest news and updates on our product range and how to care for your flooring.

As a leading Chinese manufacturer of high-end wooden floors, VIFLOOR focus on medium to high-end wood flooring supply. Follow us on LinkedIn, you will see the latest new products which we recently developed.

As a Wood Flooring Supplier, don't forget to choose the best supplier with good quality, VIFLOOR is your choice!