Reclaimed wood flooring is made by the rare old growth timber marked by the past ,we will be inspired by the artistic taste and enchant by its mystery history.When you touch and walk on reclaimed wood flooring,you can almost feel the spirit of the past resonate beneath your feet.While the advantage of protecting the environment will give you a healthy life.Let’s go to reclaimed wood flooring world to read more about it.

reclaimed wood flooring

Antique Lumber

VIFLOOR’s Reclaim species mainly Chinese Elm and Oak, the reclaimed wood timbers come from remote growth trees,which made objects whatever our ancients wanted a century years or more ago.------like old doors,tables,chairs,boats, bridges, piers, wharfs, posts, buildings and more.

reclaimed wood timbers

VIFLOOR’s reclaimed wood flooring

1. Clean the wood

The dust and pollution on reclaimed wood surface are cleaned fully by hand---- a traditional way, this way can keep the reclaim wood natural vein and character much better than chemical cleaned surface. ( Natural character of reclaimed wood will fade away by chemical way), that is why we still use this hard way instead of chemical agent even though it is hard to be done. Please see the video

2.Reclaimed wood flooring Repair

The repair skill are very important to reclaim flooring. The repair workers are with at least 10 more years experienced carpenters. The repair works are along the wood natural grain . it is the reason that hardly to see any ugly patch on the flooring surface.

Reclaimed wood flooring Repair

3.Reclaimed wood flooring surface treatment

People like reclaimed flooring treated with raw , natural oiled or treated with a traditional coating ---- Shellac,Shellac that’s for the one who would like to protect surface,and want to keep the original antique wood feeling. Our shellac is from Nepal where is famous for high quality shellac. The soft smooth sense will be emitted after the surface polished by handmade, and it is like a long life antiquity has been touched by generations.

4. More Stability

Reclaimed wood flooring standard size is 22/8x90-220XR.L. The top layer with 8mm thickness is different from other reclaimed wood flooring with 6mm. The thinner top layer is easy to get crack cause of the reclaimed timbers weathered deep veins. To keep its stability and its high value for our clients we use birch for the base material.

Below product is Reclaimed Elm wood flooring

reclaimed wood floor

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