Currently 70% of Songlin flooring is sold to Europe. As a famous oak engineered flooring supplier in Europe, the stability and quality of Songlin flooring has won its praise from the clients. European sales in 2014 for the oiled floors were 700k square meters, which equaled to 90% of total sales.

When we tried to promote the natural oiled floors in markets outside of Europe such as Middle East, Australia, and North America it was not received well. Our sales team at Songlinfloor explained the multiple advantages of owning natural oiled hardwood flooring and yet many clients were still not willing to get on board.

There were many benefits explained to clients including that having a natural oiled product is environmentally safe. In addition, the wood fiber is not completely covered by UV coating which allows the wood to breath. By allowing the wood to breath, this has a positive impact on the environment and it allows for self-regulation in different temperatures even with humidity. Using natural oiled flooring looks so much better than having a UV finish especially with antique style products. The natural oiled floor not only looks better but feels better as well; it has a more of a natural wood feel. If you walk on it barefoot it will not be cold or sticky. The maintenance for naturally oiled floors are much more manageable vs. UV coated floors which after extended use can become scratched and scratches are not easily repaired.

Initially many clients were on board with the natural oiled hardwood floors but later changed their minds and decided to go with the UV oil or wax oil.

Upon further investigation and analysis it was found that people did not want to go with natural oiled hardwood flooring because of maintenance down the line. They felt that the maintenance would be a great inconvenience.

Therefore, in light of this information I would like to summarize how the natural oiled flooring is maintained in the factory as well as how our European clients maintain their flooring. It is my hope that this information will be useful to future clients in outside markets.natural oiled hardwood floor upset

The natural oiled hardwood flooring originated in Europe and are manufactured based on European standards e.g. CE. Normally, our naturally oiled products are oiled twice in the factory. We apply oil to the raw boards; no less than 25g per square meter. Our product also undergoes a surface waterproof test which part of a mandatory factory inspection.

Upon installation, the European engineered flooring installers will immediately clean and oil the flooring one more time for extra protection. The cost of this final oil application is covered by the client, making this application profitable for the retailers and installers.

Applying the oil immediately after installation is very important for future floor maintenance, this removes any scratches caused during installation and it improves the anti-pollution and waterproof functions as well. Additionally, the maintenance of the floor becomes easier.

European clients reported that after five to ten years the only thing that needed to be done to maintain the floor was use soap with natural oil ingredients. There was no need to apply oil again. You can check with your local WOCA agency for daily use cleaning products.

The natural oiled antique style floors is still our highest profit maker in most of the market. I hope that all of the information provided will be of use for everyone, and I hope we have a chance to discuss this topic further in the future.