Wooden Flooring Quality Problems And The Solutions

When it comes to wood flooring procurement and quality control, it is always a headache to buyers. Because of the natural properties of wood, natural defects have become the first problem to be solved. Generally speaking, the natural defects of flooring mainly refer to the natural grade of wood, such as decay, blueness, wormholes, etc. are not allowed (special style floor is excepted) . Purchasers need to confirm each grading details before orders are placed to avoid supplying floor grades that do not correspond to the floor grades required by customers, such as excessive knots, cracking size and quantity, excessive sapwoods and so on.
The grade of wood is relatively easy to describe and define. It can be confirmed by naked eye observation only if the grade description is confirmed with the supplier.
And on the other hand, the processing defects of wood flooring are the quality problems that affect sales and customer using, which are also relatively troublesome
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Failure Gradings

Secondly, surface treatment issues, such as color, gloss, style, adhesion of surface coatings, waterproof and anti-pollution, scratch resistance, wear resistance and so on. These problems are basically surface treatment and painting problems. It is easy for experienced quality inspectors to find problems and correct them in time

Failure Coating

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Thirdly, the problem of moisture content. If the moisture content of wooden flooring is not perfectly control, there will be seriously deformation of the flooring, such as cupping, banana, and bending. Usually, occasional bending problems could be selected and taked away when inspect, but if the bending exceed a certain proportion of unacceptable, and there is reason to refuse delivery, the manufacturer will have to re-processed these planks. The main point here is that some buyers do not fully understand the processing technology, factory processing can use some methods to have deformation of the floor temporarily restored to a straight state, however, when the floor eventually arrived at the work site or will resume bending state, then the installation will be problem.  Conventional pre-shipment inspection can not completely eliminate such problems.  can problems be found in time and hidden dangers be avoided.

Fourthly, the problems of processing accuracy, such as the height difference, the tightness of the tongue and groove, the pointed seam, the straightness, and the assembling of locking system, noise when walking on the installed flooring. These problems require a high level of equipment and experience of the workers . buyers should take care about these when visiting the factory, anyway, if your inspectors familiar with the workers, when any wrong occur, it could be solved on the spot.
 Failure Precision

The above quality problems can be basically controlled before shipment, but there are also some problems that are not easy to find before shipment:

1, the glue failure problem of engineered flooring is a very serious problem, which always cause a large amount of claims. However, problems generally appear in the pressing process, which requires professional inspectors to find and correct in time.

Glue failure

2,The coating cracks from the knots when the flooring installed and used. This problem may be due to the use of the floor environment, but most of the cases are due to the poor quality of raw materials for floor processing. Some times the manufacturer using the low quality coating not according to the agreement, so it is better your inspector will be there when painting.

Coating cracks

How to avoid

To avoid the above problems, first, buyers have to make sure each details and confirm the relevant standards, and secondly, let the professional quality control personnel to do quality control, monitor each production process to the factory. Our company VIF International would provide you the professional quality control, also we could give better solutions to match your requirements and assist your market development.

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